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Guide Hand Rails - Engineered handrails made in New Zealand



Why You Should Choose Guide Handrails


Guide’s unique bracket system provides greater flexibility for location on suitable substrates when installing
Guide is made of durable aluminium which won’t rust and requires no maintenance
It can be left unpainted, or can be finished in a range of different colours, making it suitable for a wide variety of décor styles.
It’s modular, allowing components to be transported around the site
There are no wet finishes so the rail can be installed after the wall linings have been completed and can be used immediately after installation
Guide is easily disassembled for refurbishing or sterilising if required
It avoids the need for expensive tailor-made fabrication



Guide aluminium handrails are designed and manufactured in New Zealand.


Guide has been specifically engineered to meet building standards both here and overseas. And because Guide is the engineered handrail, you can be assured it is secure when installed in accordance with our specifications.



Guide handrails are used throughout New Zealand

and overseas in a wide range of applications including:


Corridors Stairs
Ramps Foot rails
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