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Guide Hand Rails & Grab Rails - Engineered for Safety



Guide Grab Rails - Engineered for Safety


Guide grab rails have been design engineered to look good in your home,

while providing maximum safety.


Guide is ready for you to install straight away. The system is

simple, safe, and stylish, and has a number of other key benefits.


Guide’s unique bracket system provides greater flexibility for location on suitable substrates when installing.
No on-site welding is required
The grab rails are easily disassembled for refurbishing or sterilising if required
Guide is made of durable aluminium which won’t rust and requires no maintenance
Guide can be left unpainted, or can be supplied in a range of different colours, making it suitable for a wide variety of décor styles.


Guide grab rails are available as 32mm (R32) diameter and have an extruded UV- resistant flexible PVC finishing strip in black or white which is fitted into the rail after the brackets have been fixed. Injection moulded nylon end buttons are provided in black and white for an attractive finish to the ends of the rail.


Guide is available in a wide range of powdercoat finishes and a popular anodised finish. Brackets can be powdercoated to match the rail.


Uses for the Guide systems range from internal living areas to shower and bathrooms to external applications.


Guide has been design engineered to meet building standards both here and overseas.


For information on Guide handrails and for more technical information on the Guide range please see our Commercial Guide section.


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